Contemporary Portrait Sessions

              because every woman needs a beautiful portrait of herself




A Contemporary Photo Shoot is an experience that every woman deserves to have to celebrate her beauty, allure, and sensuality. I’ve long held the belief that whatever her age, style, or size, a woman exudes a beauty that is truly her own.

For a woman to have a portrait of herself that captures that inner sensuality, fire, passion, and mystique is a treasure and a gift… to herself, her family, and the special people in her life…. a gift that is passed down for generations to come, a special memory that stands through time.


My style developed from a childhood love affair with classic black and white movies. The lighting and sense of glamour is a timeless look. The women had a style, strength and sex appeal that set them apart without baring it all.  It is that classic look and feel that I bring to my work.


Do something special for yourself! Bring out that charm and appeal that may be hidden away!
I invite you to a personal session with me. Not only will we have fun but it will forever transform the way you see yourself ! 

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Here's to Beautiful YOU!